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X-L20001 1K Sealer Black Gallon is an excellent quality, low build primer/sealer. X-L20001is fast drying can create a uniform surface without a lot of film build. Slick-Seal provides excellent adhesion to fully cured painted surfaces, treated and primed steel, properly prepared aluminum and fiberglass. Slick-Seal may be topcoated with a variety of topcoats such as basecoat, lacquer or enamel. Products X-L 20001, 20004 Black (GA, QT) X-L 21001, 21004 Red (GA, QT) X-L 25001, 25004 White (GA, QT) X-L 27001, 27004 Gray (GA, QT) Surface Preparation Solvent wash surface with a good grade wax and grease remover such as X-L 91001 original paint and repair damaged areas with a good quality non-staining body filler. For spot repairs, scuff sand area where sealer will be applied. For overall refinishing, scuff sand the entire car with 320 grit sandpaper or fine scuff pad. one to two single wet coats of Slick-Seal to achieve the uniform color desired. Mixing Directions Application 1 Part Sealer Ready to spray Adjust air pressure at the gun to 30-45 psi for siphon feed guns. Use less pressure to minimize over spray on small jobs. Apply 1-2 medium wet coats at a gun distance of 8-12 inches as needed. Allow 5 to 15 minutes flash time between coats. Recoat times will vary with temperature, air movement and film thickness. Insufficient flash time will promote slow hardness development of the topcoat system. Allow final coat to dry 30 minutes to 1 hour before topcoat. Drying Schedule Dry times are based on recommended film thickness and are dependent on ambient temperature. Excessive film thicknesses, low temperature and poor air movement will retard dry times