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US Chemical and Plastics


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U. S. Chemical & Plastics 26125 Metal Putty Polyester Finishing and Blending Putty, 30 oz.

Utilizing advanced resins, Metal Putty delivers ultimate performance and speeds up your repair process saving you time, materials, and money
This smooth operator spreads and flows to an ultra-silky finish that sands like a dream and delivers the perfect substrate for primer


  • Polyester finishing and blending putty made with high-tech resins to deliver maximum adhesion, workability and sanding
  • Stain and tack-free
  • Use for minor body work and surface imperfections such as sand scratches, chips, pinholes and scratches
  • Can be top-coated with polyester, 2K urethane or 1K primer
  • Ideal for use over body filler
  • 2% by weight (50:1 ratio) with supplied cream hardener