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800G 9X11" WET/DRY SHEET BLACK - 50 Pack

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Product Description

The most reputable wet sanding paper for its durability, speed and extremely uniform abrasive grains. Sharp silicon carbide abrasive grain is resin-over-resin bonded on a highly flexible anti-slip backing which requires no pre-soaking before sanding.


  • Excellent cutting power - spectacular razor sharp cutting edge provides faster and cooler sanding, high cutting capacity of abrasive paper remains unchanged from beginning to end to help improve operation efficiency
  • Superior backing paper - exceptionally flexible backing paper (102 and 105 series), thus eliminating the need for pre-soaking in water
  • Anti-slip process on backing side to prevent slippage in manual hand sanding
  • Paper curling is minimal even when soaked in cold or hot water, soapy water or any lubricating liquid extensively and it still remains easy to use
  • High durability - durable backing paper combined with high-performance all resin bonding which is designed to withstand tougher-than-usual jobs and to last longer
  • Superb finishes - coated with uniform, well-prepared abrasive grain to assure the best possible finishes
  • Quality consistency - like all Eagle products, our waterproof abrasive papers strict quality control in the manufacturing process will provide you with maximum satisfaction on the most demanding job
  • 102-800