Everything You Need to Know About Color-Matching Auto Paint

Everything You Need to Know About Color-Matching Auto Paint

Assume you have a minor dent or ding on your automobile. You want to match the precise color so that it can be restored and appear beautiful. If your vehicle is older, the colors may be difficult to locate. So, how exactly do you match vehicle paint? To begin, you first need to understand a few fundamentals regarding automobile paint. That is why we have decided to provide you with information on all you need to know about auto-motive color matching. Here are some essential to remember about color-matching auto paint:

  • Resin, pigment, and solvent are the main components of automotive paint.
  • Resin influences how long your paint will last and how well it will be applied.
  • The solvent gives the necessary viscosity for the paint to be applied.
  • The pigment is a powder containing colors or toners combined to create the desired finish.

So, how do Paint Technicians Go About Finding a Match?

You may be asking can auto-paint be matched now that you know a bit of the paint elements. Don't worry; technology has advanced to the point where "eyeballing" a match is no longer the ideal technique. When it comes time for the paint to be retouched or a scuffed bumper to be replaced, sending the car to a reputable and sophisticated auto body shop is critical. Not every shop can replicate the factory paint put on a vehicle; time is also an enemy of color on automobiles, as the sunlight, wind, and weather eventually degrade the pigment.

This makes mixing paint for touch-ups much more challenging, but thankfully, specific advanced equipment and technology have made it easier for auto repair shops to keep automobiles looking beautiful.

Colors used to have to be blended by hand or purchased from a factory. Today, a spectrometer may be used to identify the exact hue that is required. Paint professionals can blend any paint hue, adding varying amounts of gloss, matte, or metallics. This color-matching technique is also commonly used in household and commercial paints. Refinishing a car's paint job is a quick method to make it seem new while also preserving it from potential scratches, dents, and corrosion. Allowing paint to scrape off can expose the automobile to rust and, ultimately, cause structural issues. The most significant conclusion is that a limited edition paint isn't inherently any more difficult to mix than a standard paint in this modern and advanced era. 

So, how to find the exact color for your vehicle? 

Well, there are a few things you have to do to find the exact color of your vehicle. 

The first step is to determine the color code for the original paint on your vehicle. You'll need to have the manufacturer's name, the model number of the vehicle, and the year it was built. You could discover your car's color code on the manufacturer's websites using this information. However, it relies on the age of your vehicle. The color code of your vehicle may also be found on the vehicle's identifying plate (sometimes called the Service Parts Identification) 

Then you'll take the color code to an auto body supply or repair shop and have the paint ordered. Remember that certain vehicles have two tones and may require two or more paint choices. Then it's only a matter of mixing the paint until you obtain the precise color you want: start with changes in brightness and darkness, then modify the hue until it matches. To get a color match, always mix the color. Even if the color appears to be near enough, mix it! Remember that the color of the spot you're fixing shouldn't be too bright or too dark.

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When seeking to fix the paint on a car, feel free to inquire about anything. Make sure that the shop has the most up-to-date equipment for color matching any paint. Before entrusting a car to someone else, ensure that they have appropriate experience. Check that the paint booths are adequately equipped to keep the paint clean and debris-free during the application procedure. Learn how the shop guarantees that the paint dries correctly. Being aware and prepared for the cost of the procedure will assist in keeping any valuable car looking like a fashionable piece of art for as long as it is on the road. We are also one of the most reputable auto body shops offering various products and services like Custom Automotive Touch Up Paint. Feel free to contact us and know more about our offerings. 

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