Custom Auto Paint Colors

The Ultimate Guide to Custom Auto Paint Colors

The model of our cars is one thing, but the color reflects our style and personality.  However, the color of your vehicle is more than meets the eye, or as we would say, other non-visual factors are involved. These range from cost, ease during application, durability, restoration ability, and the most important, availability! As you search for custom auto paint colors, it is highly advisable to take note of these variables.


Custom auto paint colors

  1. Pearl colors

For rich glitter, pearl colors are a good choice, thanks to the ingredients used. Pearl custom car colors are manufactured from a unique 'pearlescent,' with transparent coloring substances to produce varying colors of different sizes.

They exhibit a colored glitter, unlike the metallic counterparts who only give a silver shimmer. There are two other categories of pearl colors.

  • 2 Stage Pearl colors

A pearl color qualifies for this stage when a base color is applied and cleared.

  • 3 Stage Pearl Colors

Also called the 3 stage system, it involves the application of a solid base color, then a mid-coat, and finally, a clear coat ideally for protection.

  1. Metallic colors

If you are all about a sparkling car, or your clients are, then the metallic colors are apt for your custom auto paint color supply. The good news is that there is a broad range of this color type regarding color and sparkle size. Curious about its creation? These colors are a product of finely grounded and classified aluminum particles combined with particular color pigments for coloration and enabling the particles to sparkle when in contact with light. Most of these metallic color sets are effortless to apply, except for some lighter shades.

  1. Solid colors

Not everyone wishes for a sparkling car, and that's what you get with these colors. On exposure to light, solid colors give off no sparkle. This way, they offer all kinds of advantages you are looking forward to from ease of application and repair and lower costs than metallic and pearl colors. A solid color is perfect if you want a rich color without the shimmer. Besides, they are comparable to the other colors regarding durability.

  1. Colors with change effects

Various custom car colors fit this category, but 'chameleon paints' are more common in the automobile industry. The thrilling color changes depending on the viewing angles between the observer and the source of light. However, you have a few variables to consider, the difficulty in application and restoration, and they are not cheap! They go through three processes. First, the base, typically black and non-reflective, is applied, followed by a special pearl, and finally, clearance for gloss and protection.

  1. Restoration custom color paints

Just like any usable product out there, cars also wear and tear, calling for restoration. If you wish to restore a classic auto to the initial color, there are various options to choose from our restoration paints. Worried your color is of a model from the '60s, 70s, or even 50's, we have a broad array of matching factory colors that will undoubtedly suit you.

Select the best custom auto paint colors

Selecting your custom auto paint colors for your car or garage may be easier said than done, as they are types and further classifications of the primary colors. Remember that clear coats are necessary for the durability of the chosen finish and, of course, boosting the aesthetics! Most importantly, our paint products tell a tale of high-quality, longevity, and much more!
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