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Clearcoat For Sale In Tampa - What Is High Solids Clear Coat?

When you read a sign “clear coat for sale in Tampa”, the type of "clear coat should come to your mind." Some of the coats apply to your works, and others may be for future reference.

For example, "high solids clear coat" differs from other clear coats for cars because of the fluidity. High solid clear coats are viscous. They move slowly from the can, and this affects your car. What do you need to know before your next purchase from an auto paint supply store in Tampa?


How to buy a quality clear coat for sale in Tampa?

Learning about the clear coat for cars is the best way to buy any coat in Tampa. Unfortunately, you may not see a seller that would explain the differences between clear coats to you. However, this article explains it deeply – how to buy!


When to buy a high solid clear coat for a car?

If you need high-quality paints and more profound protection from UV and other rays, you may consider a high solid clear coat for a car. You must know the importance of a clear coat for your car and the type of clear coat to choose. Almost all the clear coats perform the same function. But they deliver differently.

When do you need to buy high solid clear coats and not other clear coats for cars? First, a thick coat is applicable if you need a thicker and denser clear look on your automobile. Unlike a high solids clear coat for a car, low solids are thin with low UV reflection. Applying an extra-low clear coat, a little portion of a high solid clear coat shines and reflects better.


Is a high solid clear coat for a car better?

Yes, it is far better if you desire a deeper look and outstanding brightness in your automobile. However, if you want a mid-coat or inter-coat clears, high solids costs are not suitable. Unlike high solids clearcoat, the mid-clear coats for a car are ideal for restoration & custom painting: for creating custom candy and pearl layers over waterborne and solvent-based

Unlike high solid clear coats, Basecoat is not applicable in heavy coats. This time, you need a high solid clear coat for cars.

High solids clear coat for cars vs. low clear coats

High solids combine low volatile organic compounds (VOC) and high resin concentrations. This combination results in high viscosity and resistivity. Conversely, low clear coats for cars have low amounts of resin and high (VOC) - this explains the high fluidity.

Since higher solids are thicker, they're suitable for metallic decals, illustrations, and works of art in automobiles. In any case, that thickness implies they don't flow as lower solids clear. Lower solid clears are thinner, so they stream without a hitch. The layers of lower solids do not bother about being as intensely applied to the flow, in contrast to high solids.


Best auto paint supply store in Tampa

All the information listed above is crucial enough to bring you the best products from any paint supply store in Tampa. However, you may need to trust your dealers if you need a high quantity of paints or if you are a first-time shopper. Whichever way, Automotive Paint and Products are the perfect fit for you. Why don't you give us a call today?

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