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Looking For Car Paint For Sale? You Need These Tips!

If you want to refurbish your paint or give your sweet ride a stunning look, you need the best car paint for sale. But how would you get started? We’ve unveiled some essential tips!

To make the whole process stress-free, Automotive Collision & Restoration Products has all the supplies that match your needs if you live near Tampa. So, if you’ve ever wanted to get the best “auto paint supply near me,” you’ve found one!

Why You Should Use The Best Car Paint For sale

For most car owners, car paint problems have been a burden. Sometimes, the problems come with the cost of having to repaint a part of the car or the entire car. However, with the best paint and the proper techniques and preparation, it can be avoided. 

What are some of the car paint problems you should be on the lookout for?

Common Car Paint Problems And How To Prevent Them

  1. Fish Eye- This is caused by poor surface cleaning and prep before the actual painting. When a car’s surface isn’t properly cleaned, the paint fails to bond, resulting in bubbles.  

The best way to prevent fish eye is to thoroughly clean and prep a vehicle before painting. A grease remover can be used to eliminate any trace of oil.  

  1. Orange Peel- Uneven spraying of spray guns can leave an unsightly appearance with the texture of an orange on a car. To avoid this, make sure you hold the spray at the proper distance and right angle. Also, check for the pressure of the spray gun.
  2. Paint Fading- Car exposures to the sun and other elements can lead to fading. So, always keep your car from the hot sun and wash with a suitable wash to preserve the color.  
  3. Mismatched Paint Color- Sometimes, you can unknowingly settle with a car paint that is off base. But to be sure you got the right one, check that the paint you are buying factory-matched your vehicle.  
  4. Bleeding- It can be frustrating to paint over a finish and discover that the initial color bleeds and is showing through. To prevent bleeding, clean the surface thoroughly before you sand; apply a primer before using a new paint on the vehicle to preserve the old color from bleeding through. 

Car Paint Tips

Below are general auto paint tips that must be on your mind before you paint any car:

  1. Preparation- Your paint booth must be ventilated and cleaned before starting. Thoroughly clean the vehicle and get rid of any signs of rust. 
  2. Spray Gun- Always keep the spray gun clean and ensure that it is set at the correct pressure. Use the proper nozzle and hold it at an appropriate distance for the best results. 
  3. Materials- When you paint, always use a suitable hardener, film thickness, and thinner. Take into account all instructions from the paint manufacturer.  
  4. Timing- Do not evade the recommended drying times and flash-off. 

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