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Top 5 Best Car Detailing Products

Car detailing is an important part of maintaining your vehicle. It can help keep

your car's paint looking new, extend the life of your car and make it easier

to sell when you're ready to trade it in.


The right products will save you time and money, while the wrong ones could damage your car's finish. Here are some of the best five car detailing products available today:


The Wiz11011 is a super detailing clay bar and is one of the most important products you can use to ensure your car's paint is clean and smooth. Use it to remove bonded surface contamination without harming the paint. Use it with a good clay lubricant like our detail spray or wash aid, and it makes an even better-detailing clay!


 This is the most powerful yet safe and easy-to-use car wax on the market today. This product will remove up to 99% of all surface contaminants and deeply penetrate the paint to provide an unbelievable shine with an acrylic UV barrier that lasts for months without re-waxing. This product is a one-step system that's not just for show but an excellent way to keep your car looking showroom fresh.


The Wiz11040 is a high-performance chemical formulated to remove oxidation, pits, and scratches from painted surfaces. It is ideal for your daily commuter car, motorcycle, or truck. The WIZ 11040 can be used by hand or with a power washer. As always, we recommend using the Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer (sold separately) to clean pads after use.


The Wiz11033 is a revolutionary car detailing product that allows you to easily clean almost any surface of your car without cleaning agents or soaps. It even removes bugs, tar, and tree sap from your paint, making it easier than ever!


This high-performance polish creates a rich, lustrous shine on all metals, including chrome and stainless steel. This easy-to-use cream safely removes the tarnish and restorative wax build-up that causes dullness. Metal Renewal Polish Crème provides a protective coating that keeps metals looking brilliant for weeks.

Wizards Products specializes in top-quality auto detailing supplies for enthusiasts and professionals. They offer a small line of products made in the USA, but they offer some of the best of their kind.

Wizards products are top-of-the-line products with an emphasis on performance and durability. Their synthetic clay bar systems make cleaning your vehicle quick and easy while leaving behind a smooth finish with a high gloss shine after washing or waxing it off with their car wash soap.

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