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Automotive Paint Supply & More - All About Repainting Your Vehicle After Collisions

If you just experienced a collision, you will notice scratches and dents on your car, and possibly missing pieces if the accident was damaging enough. If it is a fixed or remodeled car and it operates like new, does it look new? Is it exactly how it looked before the accident? If your answer is no, then the reason could be your paint job. No one is disputing that your car can run smoothly without getting a good paint job done, but it is not pleasant to look at. Poor paint application can also result in rust buildup or fading. So what do you do? Go to an automotive paint supply company. The best in the field is Automotive Collision & Restoration Products; we are a car paint shop supplies retailer for all your painting needs in Tampa. 

Why Do You Need An Automotive Paint Supply?

Automotive paint supplies are essential to ensure your car remains pristine even after accidents that ruin the paint job. When choosing your materials, ensure you select a paint that will not wear after a short while or peel off. 

Estimates For Repainting And Totaled Vehicle

When you go to a repair shop for your vehicle, the first thing they check is the level of damage, then you get an estimate for the cost of completing the repairs. This estimate may not entirely be accurate, hence the name. But you will get the price of repainting your vehicle. If this cost surpasses the value of your car, you can say it was totaled, meaning the cost to repair it is more than the car’s worth. In that case, your insurance company may advise against repairing it. 


What Does Insurance Handle?

Your insurance company will handle damages included in your insurance policy, so you should understand your insurance policy in detail; however, we will give you an idea of what your contract will cover as you read on. If you want to repaint your vehicle because of general rust, wear and tear, or peeling, your insurance may not cover it. If you encounter any accident and you are not at fault for it, the other party’s insurance policy will foot the damages. If they do not have insurance or are underinsured, you can either take up the expenses or sue the guilty party in court. Getting a paint job is not cheap, especially if not done well; that is why it is different when a car paint shop supplies you materials. It can cost an average of hundreds to thousands of dollars and alter your estimate's cost. 


Contact Us

We at Automotive Collision & Restoration Products offer excellent service delivering and selling quality painting materials such as buffing tools, sealers, paint sprayers, primers and lots more. You can confidently get your automotive paint supplies at our store and know they are of the best standard. Mechanics, repair shops, and other DIY car dealers patronize us as trusted car paint shop supplies in Tampa. We also create custom paint colors that can fit any swatch or other material you bring in. Note, however, that we do not paint cars. Do not waste time searching for the right paint somewhere else. Call us today to get the best for your vehicle. 

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