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What Type Of Sandpaper Do I Need To Sand My Car?

Sandpapers are abrasive materials used to smoothen the metal surfaces of cars, among many other uses. For example, you will need sandpapers before priming a vehicle in preparation for painting. In addition, sandpapers are excellently used as auto body repair tools in Tampa and other nearby locations.

There are different types of sandpaper grits used for sanding cars. Therefore, the first step in getting quality results from painting a car is choosing the correct sandpaper grit. However, different sandpaper grits and their application can be followed in the automotive industry, producing similar results. Hence, the choice is left for you to decide.


What Sandpaper Grit Should I Use?

Sandpaper grit refers to the size of abrasive materials on the Sandpaper. The higher the number of abrasive materials present, the finer the Sandpaper. Sandpaper grits range from 40 to 2000 and above.

  •   The grit size of 40 to 380 is the best auto body repair tool in Tampa. Most appropriate for smoothening very rough surfaces, probably due to many layers of paint causing uneven surfaces. Light metal rust can be removed using the 120 to 180 grit size.
    Sanding before primer can be done using the larger grit sizes (from 320 to 380) in preparation for painting. In addition, it is recommended to use finer sandpaper before priming.
  •   400 to 800 are the medium grit sizes best applied in perfecting the surfaces in primer before painting application. You would not want an uneven surface when priming, so it is recommended to start with the lower grit end and move towards the higher grit. Paints look great on vehicles that are evenly primed.
  •   1000 to 2000 grit size is best used for minor imperfections and little scratches. In addition, these sandpapers add the final touch when a new layer of paint is applied. The wet sanding technique will be appropriate for this process.

What Of Sandpaper Materials?

It is essential to understand the sandpaper material to sand your vehicle, apart from knowing the grit size. Interestingly, the kind of Sandpaper contributes to the outcome of your sanding project. Hence, you might want to check out materials like Aluminum oxide, Zirconia alumina, and Silicon carbide.

Such materials are the best auto body tools available in Tampa. They are synthetic and durable materials that are long-lasting for polishing and sanding jobs in the automotive industry. You can never go wrong if any of the materials are used correctly.


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